Available Modules

Cobra: Cobra allows industrials to analyse their assemblies under static, dynamic or thermal loads according to VDI 2230 or NF E25030-2.

Products Not Currently Available Through the APA

Cetim CAP 1591: Calculation software for bolted flange assemblies according to EN 1591

Cetim Castor Concept: Mechanical analysis - Finite element calculations

Cetim Castor Elec 3D: The 3D simulation software that optimizes your electrolytic assemblies

Cetim Castor ESP: Pressure equipment sizing software

Cetim Cut Optimizer: Software to optimize your cutting conditions

Cetim Procor: The software for cathodic protection against corrosion

Cetim Rack Design: The solution for dimensioning and checking the performance of shelving

Cetim TechniQuote: An innovative and efficient costing tool for mechanical parts and subassemblies