Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Altair data analytics enables people of all skill levels to access, generate, and use smart data to make insightful, informed decisions.

Our solutions are designed so that people who work with data can partner with business teams to collaboratively generate and share insight. No code data transformation and machine learning from Altair reduces the complexities often encountered in data analytics. We eliminate the need for specialized programming knowledge and democratize the analytics process. As a result, people across the business can leverage the value of insightful analytics.

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Operationalize Your Data

The power of Altair Data Analytics lies in our approach in offering an open, scalable, unified and extensible data analytics platform. Integrated data transformation and predictive analytics solution seamlessly deploy models into existing analytic infrastructures and applications. Automated and streamlined repeatable tasks increase the time to value of analytic projects. As analytic projects scale, Altair ensures that data governance, data lineage, and data accuracy is not compromised.

Easy to understand and explain models using intuitive and interactive workflows empower users of all skill levels to collaborative efficiently as they quickly solve for complex problems.

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