Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Why work in a closet when you can work in the cloud? On-premises hardware has a flexibility problem, and rigidity can limit your thinking. Which brings us to the beauty of the cloud. Limitless potential. Epic proportions of creativity. From semiconductors to financial services to manufacturing, our powerful cloud solutions deliver a faster time-to-solution and to-market with superior product quality. No closet, no ceiling, just plenty of room for blue sky thinking.

Level Up with Turnkey HPC in the Cloud

Altair packs the power of HPC, unlimited CAE solver licenses, and industry-leading resource management technology into one turnkey physical or virtual appliance. Our fully managed appliance helps engineers easily tap HPC to edge out the competition, without having to worry about system or license administration.

We democratize HPC, design, simulation, analytics, and optimization by providing cloud access to vertical applications and increase the pace of innovation through collaboration. Altair’s simplified suite allows engineers to expand CAE computing capacity and quickly utilize HPC so that they can intelligently and efficiently manage resources.

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Look Beyond What’s Possible with Altair One

Explore further with dynamic, collaborative access to simulation and data analytics technology plus scalable HPC and cloud resources, in one platform. Provision scalable resources in the cloud or on-premises through a single pane of glass, run cloud versions of your favorite software, and run simulation jobs in the cloud, all in one place.

Shorten the path to discovery with a platform that learns with you.

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Scale Up and Access Anywhere

Altair Control™ makes cloud bursting to and between your favorite providers easier than ever so you can scale to meet real time demand, only pay for what you need and cut down time to market. Burst to different cloud platforms including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Customize security policies, role-based access, cost criteria and more. Take advantage of tools like Rapid Scaling to bring cloud costs closer to exact demand than ever before.

For end users, Altair Access™ provides a simple, powerful, and consistent interface for remote visualization and submitting and monitoring HPC jobs on remote clusters, clouds, and other resources. With Access, your team gets HPC that works from home – and from anywhere – on desktop, web or mobile.