Scalability Study of Large Ditching Model using Altair Radioss Mono- and Multi-domain Techniques

The scalability performance of Altair Radioss software when running in parallel with up to 1152 cores, using mono and multi-domain techniques, was assessed for a large airplane-ditching model. Within the range of cores tested for the multi-domain (72 to 288 cores), the overall efficiency of the multi-domain simulations was significantly higher than the monodomain, taking almost a third of the time to complete the simulation when compared to the monodomain model for 72 cores. Both techniques have shown excellent scalability, with high scaling efficiency and with outstanding reliability of the results.

This presentation by Rafael Bini Leite from National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR), Amarendra Joshi from Oracle, and Jean-Michele Terrier of Altair aired at the 2021 Altair HPC Summit, and is about 25 minutes long.

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