Pressing for Change at ATNA - Simulation for Innovative Design: A New Approach to Holistic Design Decisions

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The demand for biomass briquetting is steadily increasing since the use of brown coal fuel will be dramatically reduced to meet CO2 emission targets in the near future. Many big plants across Europe will stop producing brown coal briquettes by the end of 2022. To address this trend and growing demand for alternative fuel options, ATNA set out to develop a new generation of briquetting presses. ATNA’s goal was to design an improved hydraulic press which can achieve the high throughput of a roller press while delivering a high briquette quality.

ATNA implemented Altair SimSolid® under the global Altair Startup program, tailored to the needs of high-tech startups offering access to all types of simulation, high-performance computing, and artificial intelligence solutions at an affordable price. With Altair SimSolid’s meshless simulation ATNA was efficiently able to study many variants thanks to the reduced modeling time and incredible computational speed of SimSolid. With SimSolid ATNA needed 60% less time to customize, simulated 80% more subassemblies and used 15% less material.