Achieving Real-Time Performance in Vehicle Simulations with Activate 3-03


University of Parma
Postdoctoral, Dpt. of Engineering and Architecture
Dario Mangoni 様

Developing optimized models for vehicle simulations has always been a challenging task, mostly because the great part of the available solutions focus on very specific tasks. The simulation accuracy with respect to the overall computational time had always been a compromise: computing details require time-expensive simulations which do not match the need of immediate feedback to the designer; conversely, quicker time responses often mean non neglectable approximations.
Additional complexity comes from the booming e-mobility prototyping which asks for great design software usability plus multi-physics capabilities.

In this context, Model-based languages defined a disruptive change of approach, allowing to smoothly mix different physics and model complexities. Thanks to the Activate Modelica compiler, the new Car Real-Time library is introduced, with an ambitious task in mind: providing multi-physics vehicle simulations with higher grade of complexity while attaining real-time capabilities. With the aim of providing a complete simulation and analysis environment for modern vehicle architectures design and virtual prototyping, this implementation includes a very advanced visualization tool, based on the state-of-the-art Unreal Engine graphical library.
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