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HyperWorks is the computer-aided engineering tool used by engineers at over 4,000 of the world’s leading companies. Visit Altair University to reinforce your knowledge about the CAE-driven design process. Learn about the free HyperWorks 11.0 Student Edition, tips and tricks, tutorials, projects, free recorded Webinars, and videos.

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Altair internships put you at the center of our unique corporate culture and at the leading edge of top industry technology and software. With hands-on experience, it’s the smartest way to get a grasp on engineering your future.

Altair provides internships year-round in all of our offices around the world and across many departments. Internships frequently are available within groups such as:

Product Design Consulting
Enterprise Services Consulting
Software Development and Technical Support:
  • Computer Aided Engineering
  • Computer Aided Industrial Design
  • Business Analytics
  • Enterprise Computing
Green Manufacturing (ilumisys)
IT Systems
Human Resources

Internships with Altair provide:
  • Real-world working environment
  • World-class engineering teams
  • Challenging, project-oriented programs
  • Intense focus on innovation
  • Exposure to diverse industries
  • Valuable technical education and career experience
  • Assignments within Altair HyperWorks Support and ProductDesign organizations
  • Full-time employment opportunity potential

Contact us today to find out how we will help you to sharpen your skills, innovate, create and design. Gain professional insights and challenge yourself through a rewarding internship with Altair.

Employment Review
Candidates who complete the program are eligible for review to be considered for potential full-time employment either at Altair or placement on-site with an industry-leading company.

David Schmueser, Ph.D. | University Business Development Manager-US,

Opportunities in Europe
Dr. Matthias Goelke, Ph.D. | Business Development Director, Academic Markets, Altair Engineering GmbH,

Opportunities in the United States
Dr. David Schmueser, Ph.D. | University Business Development Manager-U.S., Altair Engineering,

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